Updates Coming!

Well here we are in August of 2014. We’ve been married for over a year and a half. Our lives have changed significantly. Guess it’s time to change our website around. You’ll notice some changes in the theme, look, and content of our website here in the coming weeks. Our hope is to change our focus of this site to our ministry, our stories, and our interests (photography, the Church, crafting, fashion, decorating, party planning, sports, and so much more).

Thanks for your friendship, support, and more. We love you all.

Back in IL

This past weekend, we arrived back in Champaign. It was great to sleep in our own beds, be in our respective houses, and be somewhere familiar to us. Colorado LT was amazing, and we had so many exciting opportunities to make new ministry friendships, affect students for Christ, and experience fun stuff together.

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Our New Car

Truly, by the Grace of God, We got ourselves into a little car trouble; at just…the…right…time. Headed back from LT for a week in Champaign to see family, go to a wedding, and prep for our own wedding, Ashley’s car died, about 45 minutes from her parents’ house. We were able to find out that, unfortunately, it had died. Admittedly, we’d thought it was on it’s last legs. This just confirmed it.

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The Union

This lounge is where our wedding is happening. So exciting! We’re getting the details set, but we’ll be looking out through the windows at Foellinger Auditorium and afterwards, we’ll make a transition right to the party rooms right behind the lounge.

To learn more about the Union, visit our more permanent page on The Location.