Hey guys, Alan here…

I’m a freelance photographer with
dozens of shoots under my belt. It’s a hobby that very much so extends to professional work. When not photographing people, I loves to experiment with landscapes and architecture.

When I am photographing people, you can find me taking pictures of families, capturing moments at weddings and other events, and helping you to feel good about your picking me to do your work.

I believe the best camera is the one you have with you, which is why my iPhone has so many pictures on it. But when I want to get serious, I pull out my new Fuji X-T1. I love the sharpness it affords me and Fuji takes their digital equipment seriously.

I find my style characterized by vibrant, sharp, and dynamic images and I’m experimenting with new styles in this full post film world. Anything from a mix of new filters to incorporating graphic design and even working with video and the resurgence of the GIF.

IMG_2986.GIFTo inquire about an event or a portrait session, contact me directly at

To see more of my photos to get a feel of how I work, visit my Facebook page.

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