Get Involved

There are 3 primary ways in which you partner with us in ministry at The University of Illinois.

First, we would sincerely appreciate your prayers. For us, it is extremely important to have people who are praying with us, for us, and alongside us in the ministry that God has given us in being a church on college campuses. General prayers for us, Illini Life Christian Fellowship, and the U of I are all a blessing. You can also sign up to receive our prayer letter in your email by going here.

Secondly, you can help by connecting us to others who would be interested in hearing more about our ministry at the U of I. To be honest, the only prerequisite for these connections would be people who, at the very least, would be encouraged to hear about what God is doing on our campus in particular and in our church network on a bigger scale! If you’re interested in connecting us with yourself or new people, shoot us an email.

Thirdly, we need people who are able to partner with us financially, which allows us to bring the Gospel to students at the U of I. We’re responsible for 100% of our ongoing salary and are thankful for a team of people who decide to give on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Many give in the range of $100 monthly, though people partner anywhere from $300 a month to $30 a month. Each person on our team has chosen to invest in Kingdom work through us. We’re truly thankful for such people and ask you to help in this way! Giving to GCM on our behalf is easy and the process can be started by clicking right here.

Thank you for letting us share with you how you can help us in the work of the Gospel at the University of Illinois

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