Our New Car

Truly, by the Grace of God, We got ourselves into a little car trouble; at just…the…right…time. Headed back from LT for a week in Champaign to see family, go to a wedding, and prep for our own wedding, Ashley’s car died, about 45 minutes from her parents’ house. We were able to find out that, unfortunately, it had died. Admittedly, we’d thought it was on it’s last legs. This just confirmed it.

So, in 24 hours, we had to go out and get a car to get us back to LT, serve us as we get married and hope to have a family some day, and that will meet both of our desires. Here it is:

Our Subaru Forester. This is it, sitting at the summit of Trail Ridge Road (the highest paved throughway in the country). Now, it’s Ashley’s car until we get married, but we’re moving that way (if you didn’t know). We’ve truly been blessed with the resources to have it. It’s safe, big enough for kids, and outdoorsy enough to take Alan to mountain biking destinations. We’re truly thankful for how God has blessed us in this and we look forward to having it for many years.

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