Our Church Network

Collegiate Logo - verticalCollegiate Church Network plants and grows collegiate churches devoted to the Great Commission. Through bold proclamation of the gospel, intensive leadership development, and focused church planting, we’re building a network of churches that will greatly influence this country and the world for Jesus Christ.

There are approximately 17 million college students in the United States preparing to become the next generation of leaders in their home, work, community and country. Sadly, these future leaders are being bombarded by the lies of the world around them, while the truths of God’s Word are becoming more and more difficult to find.

We plant churches on college campuses that are custom-built for college students; helping them find salvation in Jesus and discover the power of His church. It is our hope that they will become lifelong followers involved in their local churches wherever they go, well after they graduate.

Collegiate Church Network has:

  • Over 20 churches at over 15 college campuses
  • Over 3,100 students attending a Sunday morning church service
  • Over 2,300 students involved with a small group
  • Over 700 students growing in leadership community
  • Over 140 missionaries serving with one of our churches

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