untitled(34of101)Things I love: The Green Bay Packers, photography, coffee, road biking, Apple, reading, pop-punk, our wonderful Subaru

Myers-Briggs: ENFP

Love Language: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time

Strengths-Finder Strengths: Adaptability, Developer, Positivity, Connectedness, Belief

My Chazown: To call, inspire, and strengthen the next generation of campus missionaries and churches.

My Story: I grew up in a Christian home in a small central Illinois town. My parents were Sunday school teachers, involved in the choir, and took us to church each week. They helped to lay an amazing foundation for my faith and for my life.

As a kid, I was the good boy that didn’t do (too) much wrong, was good in school, and went to church. However, I really only had a knowledge in my head of who Jesus was. He was something you throw in your backpack before you go about your day. About halfway through high school, I started to take my faith more seriously. I got to see and be inspired by people my age who loved Jesus through our local FCA huddle.

During all this, I lived in secret private sin. I knew I didn’t want to tell anybody, but I also knew I wasn’t in the right. Finally, when I realized that my sin had consequences greater than just for myself, the knowledge that I had of Jesus in my head pierced into my heart. I realized that all I had been taught about was real. It’s real! This story in the Bible was true. Jesus came to die for my wrongs. He paid the price for my sins, and I had accepted it.

Shortly after that, I went to the U of I to study Mechanical Engineering. I got involved with a few different campus ministries, but over time, Illini Life became my church home. The still young faith I had when I got involved there matured into a faith that cares about people being healed of their sin and sins committed agains them. I love seeing people come to Christ and grow in deeper relationship with him.

As a student, God worked on my character and I was given opportunities to lead small groups and other ministries. I joke that I got two degrees in college. One cost money, involved engineering concepts, and I have a piece of paper to show for it. The other cost my life, involved learning how to love others, and I have no piece of paper for. I considered this as I thought on my calling for my life.

I spent a year and a half working as an engineer for Ameren, a utility company, before I answered the call to work in campus ministry. I’ve worked for GCM with Illini Life since 2010. I love seeing what God is doing through my little life and I’m consistently humbled by Him.

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