Over the middle to end of 2015, Great Commission Ministries is becoming Reliant. Which is super exciting!

Reliant sounds like reliable.

While we wouldn’t be anything less, this isn’t why we will be Reliant.
To be reliant is to be dependent. And so we are!

  • Reliant on the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Dependent on His presence
  • Living for His mission

As missionaries who risk for the gospel, we are Reliant on the God who made us and who so loved the world. The Great Commission “to go and make disciples” is the ultimate reliant mission. We can’t think of a better way to say it.

You’ll keep hearing more about it, but for now, Alan has made a video highlighting the fact that we are reliant. Check out the #IAmReliant video by clicking through.

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Spring Has Spring at the U of I

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen the weather improve a ton on campus. Walking around, we run into students we know and we see all sorts of new life. It’s an exciting time on campus. Though the semester is coming to a close in a month, we have so many awesome opportunities to see God do some amazing things!

Pray with us that God would continue to make himself known through us.