The All New

Our missions agency, Reliant, has undergone a rebrand and new mission going forward that we’re super excited about. For those of you that have been partnered with us for a few years, you started to give to Great Commission Ministries on our behalf. Then, about a year ago, you were told a new name was coming

That name was Reliant and our hope is that it’s comfortable for you at this point. After  we got the new name came a new logo and a refined mission statement:

Reliant partners with missional churches and Gospel-centered nonprofits to mobilize support-based missionaries for the Great Commission.

Now, after much hard work, a new and improved website has arrived. You are able to now visit for all your partnering needs. Instead of and, you now have one site! How exciting! You can also find us easily at or

Your login information stays the same and starting a new gift, pausing a gift, stopping a gift, or changing a gift is easier than ever.

We’ll keep telling you about it, but we’re super excited about our new and improved landing space as a ministry. Go ahead, take a look around right now.


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